The History of Heritage Home Family Farm

Hello! We are the Rice’s. Our family of 8 has been on a passionate pursuit of returning to our roots. Both Darren and Marissa’s grandparents had homestead they literally built with their own hands, alongside their children. This heritage has inspired what we want to leave for our legacy to our children, and thus Heritage Home Family Farm was formed.

We were married in 2010, and the following year purchased our first home in the city of Troutdale, Oregon. In the year 2013 we started growing our family, and all along dreaming of the future we were wanting to build for our family. By 2020 we had 5 beautiful children and started feeling the urgency for change, yet we knew in order to make big changes we were going to need to make big sacrifices.

After lots of prayer and planning we decided to refinance our city home, pull the cash out and purchase 10 acres of raw land in Rigby, Idaho. If you may remember in 2020 the whole world went in chaos and even though after we bought our land we had planned to sit on it for a while, we suddenly felt the need to expedite our plans. So, in the fall of 2021 we decided to take our biggest step and sell our city home, move our family of 7 (soon to be 8) into a 33ft long travel trailer.

With the profits from the sale of our home and owning the property outright we then starting the process of taking out a building loan to start to build our future homestead. Our hearts wanted to build the home with our own hands like our grandparents did but with the job at the time Darren had (which required him to be in Oregon) and expecting our 8th kiddo we decided to hire out the project with the hope to be able to build the barns and outbuildings ourselves in the future.

It took a while to get all the loan documents, plans and contractor in order, and we didn’t break ground until the spring of 2022. While continuing to live in our trailer we dove into praying, and planning for our homestead.

2023 was a BIG year for our legacy, we welcomed our 8th child and when she was 3 months old, we moved into our HERITAGE HOME FAMILY FARM. And this is where the story of our family farm begun and can’t wait to see where it leads.

The Rices 🙂

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