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  • The History of Heritage Home Family Farm

    The History of Heritage Home Family Farm

    Hello! We are the Rice’s. Our family of 8 has been on a passionate pursuit of returning to our roots. Both Darren and Marissa’s grandparents had homestead they literally built with their own hands, alongside their children. This heritage has inspired what we want to leave for our legacy to our children, and thus Heritage…

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  • Award Winning – Chili and Cornbread

    Award Winning – Chili and Cornbread

    Have you tried our award-winning chili? This delicious, warm you up chili, is the perfect blend of spice and comfort. Our chili has won awards for its delectable taste in two states, Idaho and Oregon. Darren’s dad, whom we affectionately call Grandpa John, has perfected this recipe over the years and has passed it down…

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  • Why is our Guard Well Tea so good?

    Why is our Guard Well Tea so good?

    Here at Heritage Home Family Farm, we want our teas to not only taste good but also BE good for our bodies. Here is a breakdown of WHAT is in Guard Well Tea and WHY part of the tea is important to our bodies. Let’s break it down first up Dried Elderberries Elderberries, the dark…

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  • Recipes to Use with Our Ranch Mix

    Recipes to Use with Our Ranch Mix

    In our household Ranch is a staple for mealtime. We used to buy premade Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, then progressed to the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing dry mix pack. This obsession with Ranch has driven us to create our very own Ranch Mix. We are excited to share with you the different ways we enjoy using…

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  • Homemade Artisan Bread Course

    Homemade Artisan Bread Course

    We have been so excited to create our very first HOMEMADE ARTISAN BREAD COURSE! This course teaches our No- Knead – No Fail Artisan Bread. This bread is so versatile, and super tolerant to mistakes, which makes it the perfect bread to start to learn on! Learn how to take .80 cents of ingredients and…

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