Award Winning – Chili and Cornbread

Have you tried our award-winning chili? This delicious, warm you up chili, is the perfect blend of spice and comfort. Our chili has won awards for its delectable taste in two states, Idaho and Oregon.

Darren’s dad, whom we affectionately call Grandpa John, has perfected this recipe over the years and has passed it down to his children, where we put together the spice blend to help you created award winning homemade chili with ease.

Grandpa John is known for his Chili back in his hometown, you cannot attend a football game watch party, porker night, or fall dinner without his Chili and cornbread. In fact, as you follow along our Heritage Home Family Farm journey you will find that not only does our family have a LOVE and passion for being around the table eating amazing foods, but Grandpa John has another secret passion that we enjoy talking about too: cast iron. This amazing man has hundreds (if not thousands by now) of cast iron pieces, some pieces dating back to the civil war time period. He has the traditional pieces like the Dutch ovens and Skillets, but he also has very unique pieces like hotel waffle irons, Easter Lamb models, irons, oven dampeners, and more.

When Grandpa John brings his passion of food and cast iron together on special occasions he will make cornbread waffles in his cast iron with his award-winning chili, the crunch of the cornbread with the smooth spicy of the chili, topped with the cool sour cream, melted cheese and crunchy corn chips – makes these days a heritage to build on.

Grab your own Chili Mix and bring a legacy of flavors to your table.

With love from the Rices,

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