Quick and Easy Ranch Potato Wedges

In our family we love to find recipes that are FAST and DELICIOUS! To us that is a win-win when it comes to getting food on the table. We wanted to share a recipe that has become a fast favorite, and that is our Ranch Potato Wedges. Confession: we like to us the trifecta of dipping sauces, our homemade Ranch (using our Ranch mix of course), Ketchup and the new to us (now that we live in Idaho) Fry Sauce. The Fry Sauce is a new favorite as well, and there are so many different versions, so we are zeroing in on what is the Fry Sauce that is best for our family. (BUT send us any favorites you may have, and we will release our recipe after we try them all hahaha).

Enjoy! And make sure to snag your Heritage Home Family Farm Ranch Mix HERE!

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