Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is all about serving the local community while supporting one another. As Heritage Home Family Farm works hard to grow local and sustainable food resources we get to share the harvest with those in our community.

How does it work? We do 6-month memberships were you the customer prepays for 6 months of Heritage Home Family Farm products. Each month there will be a basket of goodies from our Farm (valuing over $50.00 each), you will pick up once a month at the location provided. This is a wonderful way to support local small farms and enjoy local seasonal food.

6 Month Membership Fees

  • One Monthly Basket for 6 Months – $300
  • Yearly CSA Basket (12 baskets) – $575
  • Suprise Monthly Extra (must add on to basket) – $50


By supporting our farm we are excited to join in this partnership with you, we thank you and grateful valuing you. As we cannot promise any specific product, we do want to work hard with any needs you may have, please just let us know.

Equally by participating in our CSA you are committing to picking up the baskets at the design location. And at this time, we are unable to provide refunds but again we want to work with you so just please communicate.

Heritage Home Family Farm CSA